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Mama Starr Piercy

 Psychic Empath, Intuitive, Teacher Spiritual Mentor & Course Creator

Sometimes you know you need to move forward but you can’t figure out which direction to choose.

Mama Starr gently, but firmly guides you on your way.

As a holistic intuitive, Starr combines her practical knowledge, spiritual knowledge and messages from her Spirit Guides to give you information for the next step on your journey.

The truth is within you…but you may lack the confidence to take the next step.

With Mama Starr’s loving but no nonsense approach, you will find the confidence and confirmation that you need to bravely step forward!

A Message from Starr

Hello, I am Starr, a compassionate and kind professional psychic with 8 years of experience in energy healing, intuitive guidance, oracle card readings and coaching. 

I offer unconditional acceptance and understanding. I believe in creating a safe space where you can freely express yourself without fear of judgment. I strive to provide answers to your initial questions and offer guidance on your next steps.

Five words that aptly describe my personality are kind, bubbly, understanding, warm, and calm. These qualities allow me to connect deeply with others, infusing our interactions with joy and ease. I believe in the power of kindness and strive to create an atmosphere of comfort and support for my clients.

In working with me, you can expect not only a reading but also a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. I am here to offer guidance, support, and a kind presence. Together, we can navigate the twists and turns of life, unlocking the inherent wisdom within and finding solace in our connection to Spirit.

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