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As a holistic intuitive, Starr combines her practical knowledge, spiritual knowledge and messages from her Spirit Guides to give you information for the next step on your journey. Mama Starr knows that you have everything that you need within you to make the best decisions for yourself and often tells her clients “if it comes down to what I say and what you think, you are always right”. The truth is within you…but you may lack the confidence to take the next step. With Mama Starr’s loving but no nonsense approach, you will find the confidence and confirmation that you need to bravely step forward.

A Message from Starr

I always say that my life as a people pleaser was also my training as an intuitive. I realized that I “knew” what people wanted before they asked. I learned that I am a claircognizant, (clear knowing i.e. I just KNOW). I soon realized that I’d always been this way and could point to specific times throughout my childhood when other kids would come to me for advice. Without knowing why, I had the answers they needed. I believe that we all have some type of intuitive gift that often lays dormant until consciously tapped. 

Classes with Starr

Divine Connections

Fun group!

Manifesting for Mortals

Practical Training for Mastering the 12 Universal Laws

One on One Coaching

Because sometimes we need that personal training a group session just doesn’t cover


Starr is the real thing! She’s kind, intuitive, and honest. She’ll help guide you on the right path.

Keri D.

Starr jumpstarted me to a new phase of inner growth and exploration. I am excited to see what unfolds.


You amaze me with your calm listening, to me and to our Guides, so clearly, so logical, so real to me.


Starr helped me see and understand my true potential and I know she can help you as well.


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