Learn Joyfully

 Mama Starr’s courses, meditations and groups are designed to help you reclaim your power in mind, body and spirit. You learn to deepen your intuition and trust your inner knowing. You’ll connect to your desires and learn how to use your dynamic passionate energy in a way that feels really good!



    Universal Law

    While many attribute the 12 Universal Laws as a perfect manifesting tool, I’ve come to discover their greatest use is in a thought exercise. 

    Each Universal Law is a self-executing principle which guarantees greater success in every area when applied. 

    With Mama Starr’s Workbooks and Videos,  you’ll take a deep dive into each law and see how you’ve already used it previously in many ways, and you’ll discover all the ways you can use it to move forward in a big way!

    By simply reading and absorbing the laws, you will receive amazing benefits. Imagine living in a life where you absolutely know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to; where you know deep inside that anything is possible for you. The only limits are imposed by your own thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself and about life! By applying the laws to your life, you will finally be able to understand how all things work together for maximum joy, happiness and success in all areas; from business, to family, to social relationships, health, finances and everything in between. Learn More

    Divine Connections

    Learn to communicate with God, Your Higher Self, Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides so that you can gather wisdom from your Heavenly Helpers. Our Journey takes you through your chakra system and teaches you how to interpret the messages that you are constantly receiving. This is where you learn to trust your intuition and make bold steps forward in faith. Learn More

    Free and Paid Groups

    The Mystic Traveler's Inner Circle

    Fully immerse yourself in a supportive, Spiritual community dedicated to creating connection and beauty. The Inner Circle receive weekly lessons in empowerment, spiritual sovereignty and connecting to the Master Self within.

    For as little as $1 a month, you receive access to our private Facebook group and chat, early release of new content and much much more!

    Divine Connections

    A Free Facebook community of Spiritual Seekers with access the video archives for the Divine Connections classes where you learn to connect with your Spirit guides.

    The Mystic Traveler's Guide

    In this private Facebook group, you’ll find lessons on life, love, emotions, and everything in between. We explore what it truly means to be a Spiritual Being in a Human body and we continually seek to learn to be better humans.