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You haven’t

Failed at Manifesting.

You’ve Manifested Failure.

You’ve seen all these people bragging about their incredible success with manifesting but it hasn’t worked for you,

You wonder what the heck is wrong with you.

You feel like it will just NEVER work.

You’ve chanted affirmations

You’ve written them out over and over again.

And when that tiny little voice inside said “this isn’t gonna work,” you ignored it

You went back to your affirmations and your visualizations and your high vibes and pushed that thought away.

The problem is, that tiny voice that was telling you that it wouldn’t work held all the cards.

That voice IS the problem.


Mama Starr’s SMART Manifesting with

Goal & Intention Setting

helps you get to the bottom of self-sabotage!

Have a plan to eliminate blocks before they start.

Grab your copy today! 


Who is Mama Starr?


My husband says I make these things way too long…so for the TLDR version:

  •  I’m 57, so like, I’ve lived…all those pictures over there are me and they all have a story.
  •  I have degrees and education in Communication and have studied and worked in Spirituality/Self-Esteem/Coaching for over 25 years.
  • I don’t email that much stuff. So go ahead, push the button

Here, I’ll make it so you don’t even have to scroll… 😊

and more importantly to you…

Why should you give me your email address?

I mean that’s the question I would ask!

If you’re like me, and most people I know, you probably have 5 or 6 emails. One of those emails is reserved specifically for things you’re curious about, but don’t ever really intend on following up.

Heck, you may not even go as far as opening the freebie that is about to hit your inbox!

It’s entirely possible that you’ll forget about it in a few minutes because you’ve just thought of something you need to google, or one of the kids had a question, or…there was a squirrel… 🐿️

I get it.  

Believe me…I totally get it 

As a matter of fact, my brother called as I was writing this, then my husband came in the room to tell me about holiday traffic…and apparently I was talking about squirrels?? 

Whew…again, I get it. 

Our world is full of information and input and so so much. It’s exhausting and yet we keep taking things on and more and more. Honestly, this is why I do what I do. 

I’m an expert. 

Really…I am a communication expert, I went to Northern Arizona University and I have a bachelor’s degree in Personal and Public Communication, I graduated from Coach Training Alliance for my coach training, I’m a mom…that gives me a ton of authority…I’m a teacher, an intuitive, a Spiritual mentor. 

And even with all of that expert stuff, with all of that knowledge, I am still capable of self-sabotage. The truth is…we all are.  

So when I started to think about the steps to manifesting, I thought an acronym would do quite nicely. That reminded me of the business based…practical application called the SMART Method for setting goals.

And then I realized how much we miss with all the “brain based” stuff because we ignore our Spirit and our patterns and all the triggers and habits of a lifetime.  

👉These things can’t be ignored because they are exactly what stop you from doing the things you want to do!

So why not just ask those parts of you what it is that they are afraid of?

And that’s the thing…the one thing… I am really, really an expert at, is internal communication…the communication you have with your Self.  

That my dear is where I shine, and that’s why you should listen to me…because I know you talk to yourself 24/7.

Whether it’s inside your head or the words actually get out of your mouth, you have self-talk going on all the time. Some of the voices in your head are mean, some are kind…but it’s time for you to have an actual conversation and get to the bottom of your story. 

I also know that you are capable of holding two opposing thoughts at the same time…both are true, both are false. 

So…bottom line, this method is the beginning of discovering how to control the voices and make them work for you, rather than driving you crazy all the time.

So go ahead…click that button…I’ve got some questions for you to answer in this little workbook and I promise,  you’re going to learn something…

If you can manage to get those damn squirrels to cooperate and quit distracting you.

Oh yeah…there’s this other thing experts do where they try to summarize who they are in 3 or 4 catchy sentences…like

Mama Starr is a Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach and…blah blah blah…


I’m Starr, I’m married to Scott (got it right on the 3rd try!)  I have 3 sons and a daughter in-law and a beautiful Granddaughter who was born in May of 2022! 

I love…love love dogs, so I have 2, Tippy, a senile 14 year old boxer/malamute with athritic hips and Dorian a …mutt who is afraid of everything.

I also have 3 cats, Luna, Merlin and Emma and they provide me with endless entertainment.

I live in Kingman AZ where I am the main “helper” for my 96 year old mother. 

And I help people…I’m spiritual and I try to figure out exactly what all that means each and every day.

And if you join my tribe, I promise we’re gonna get thru all of this shit together! 

My tribe; they are just some of the most wonderful people in the world and I can’t wait to welcome you into the fold!


Lots of love!


Mama Starr