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This month in my Patreon Group, we’re answering journal questions about our Imaginings…the things we want for someday.

As I have entered into a period of time, in which I’ve discovered I’ve forgotten how to dream and plan for my future, it seems a good time to answer these questions…

And…since my guides keep telling me to write…but not about what, I may as well start here…

I am constantly seeking clarity. I would say that is probably one reason I began my quest to build my intuition…I just wanted to make sense of everything that was going on. 

Funnily enough, after years and years of study, I feel like I know less. Or maybe it’s that there is just so much more to know! 

My scope, my viewer for how I see the world and the Universe has increased and I feel like I’m often left with more questions than answers. 

But…IF there were one piece of clarity that I need…

Funny…it’s actually really clear, the question is always “what am I meant to do?” and the answer is always “write”. 

I know that. I already know what I am meant to do, I’ve known it for going on 10 years now. I’ve simply resisted it. 

Because the clarity that I really want is to know that SOMETHING will happen as a result, that I’ll become financially stable, that I will gain fans, that I will finally finish that novel.

The problem is that all of these things can occur and will…but that’s not what I need to know…

Because the question really is…how will this clarity help me?

What I’m really looking for are guarantees…and maybe a timeline…

But the reality is, I’ve been given the first step…the rest of the stairway depends on a lot of things.

But the thing I can absolutely control right now is the clarity that I already have. I need to write. I don’t know why and I don’t know to what end. And yet, I have already received all the clarity I need.

Take the first step. 

Things look clearer after that.