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At some point in your lifetime…somehow you just knew; you turned left instead of right and that one small decision made all the difference.

Perhaps you’ve been in a situation where you just had a feeling that “something ain’t right”. This is also your intuition speaking. Our bodies are vibrational receiving machines and intuition is its language.

The FEELING of needing to do something is intuition. When something is intuitive, it’s a sudden knowing. You won’t have a long drawn out thought process that brings you to a conclusion. Instead, you just KNOW. You don’t know how you know, but you will have a “solid” feeling that you are correct. This is the difference between thought and intuition.

Intuition is the first way you receive Spiritual Communication.

Once you’ve become adept at experiencing and TRUSTING your intuition, you will begin to notice when you are receiving communication from Spirit.

Spirit commucates symbolically. Sometimes you’ll get a picture in your head, or have a memory of something that happened, you may see a repeating pattern or a song will come on the radio that brings back a pleasant memory or has lyrics that are exactly what you need to hear. Sometimes you may see feathers, or birds, or other animals that will appear as a message.

Spirit will find any way to communicate with you that is in a language that you understand. As you become more adept at interpreting messages, you will begin to see messages everywhere.

In the Divine Connections Course, we teach you to interpret the symbols. You’ll learn to ask for  different sensory clues and you’ll become familiar with your specific method for receiving information. In reality, you’ve been receiving information for quite a while, but you just haven’t been able to interpret.