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We are one.

Namaste – the Divine in me honors the Divine in you

Whatever your definition is of the Divine…or God…or Spirit…there is no separation.

We are One in Spirit…So how does this Law help you in your Manifestation Practice?

No one is “better” than you…and you are not “better” than anyone else.

All beings are worthy of love.

All of us

Your energy attracts your experience.

If you believe anyone is superior, you miss the point of being human.

If you believe you are “less than” you attract that experience.

And who wants that?

Manifesting is all about frequency. Start with the frequency of Love.

Today begin your practice by looking in the mirror and loving the person looking back at you.

Understand that you are a Spiritual being having a human experience.

Practice kindness to yourself and to those around you.