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Life is weird sometimes. Our brains can trick us into thinking things are hopeless, or we can’t keep going. But humans…ya just can’t count them out.

We have this law of nature working for us, well we have several, but one of my favorites is the Law of Polarity. The Law of Polarity says that everything has an opposite…everything. Good/Bad, Hot/Cold, Up/Down, you get it.

So the cool bit about this little Law is that these opposites aren’t on parallel or separate lines…but they are spectrums on the same line! You get to choose where you want to fall on that spectrum by the quality of your thoughts. You get to decide!

And…even better…if you don’t like something, you know that you can focus on its opposite and work to move closer to that end of the spectrum.

When I pair this Law with the Law of Rhythm great things happen. The Law of Rhythm states that everything has a season…that there is ebb and flow and natural cycles to everything…can you see how that works?

Say you notice one day that you are sad. By using what you know of these two laws, you can allow yourself room to be with the sadness for a bit. You can look at it and see if you can trace a cause for your sadness. You step outside of your body and you observe from 1000 feet up. Because the Law of Rhythm assures you that such things are temporary, you know you just feel this way now, but you won’t always feel this way. Maybe it’s time to rest; maybe you will need great energy later, maybe you’re picking  up on the energy around you and it’s not YOUR sadness that you’re feeling.

Knowing this you become curious, you decide to relax, to move yourself a bit farther on the spectrum towards happiness, perhaps you go outside, you decide to continue observing so that you can better understand this feeling. In the meantime, you’ll continue on with your day. And so now, instead of beating yourself up for feeling sad, you are honoring your emotions and your energy and your mind relaxes.

When your mind relaxes, there is room for inspiration and creativity. Answers to seemingly impossible questions suddenly show up.  Whatever the cause for the feeling of sadness, you know that if it’s important for you to heal,  your relaxed mind will tell you so. All because you honored what you felt for a few moments.

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