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Ahhhhhhh thats’s better!

I hadn’t even noticed it.

Til today…and then I immediately made the change, because I’m all about living the truth as I know it today.

I was working on my social media, doing my thing and looked up and saw that my Facebook page was entitled….”Starr Piercy Spiritual Life and Business Coach”

and I was like…”wait…business coach…I’m really NOT a business coach”

I’m not sure when I decided it would be a good idea to fake it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know social media stuff, I can do website stuff and I am actually a Virtual Assistant for another coach because I simply adore her and love her mission.

But I honestly don’t have the skill set to tell you how to run your business and I don’t really want to. I can certainly tell a beginner how to not make the mistakes I’ve made. But no…that is not where my passion, or my interest lies.

I’m sure at some point I thought it would attract more people. But these days I am really into nailing down what I do better than most people and working from that place.

So…now…challenge accepted, right? What am I good at and why should someone want to work with me?

So funny that I got to that question and stopped cold. It’s really, really uncomfortable to talk about what you’re good at…even worse to say that you’re the best at something. That is just begging to be taken down a notch or two…

But…here goes…and let me just stop, breathe, and ask Spirit to assist…

I am really good at helping people to understand what is wonderful and unique about them.

I am really good at explaining things.

I am really really good at looking at the crap that is going on around me and asking myself “what is the lesson” and then taking that lesson and creating change

I guess my greatest accomplishment to date was recovering from a heartbreaking divorce, and running the fuck away from a 2nd marriage that was a complete disaster…and then loving myself enough to try again, to decide that I was worthy of unconditional love and to take a chance on love one more time with someone who seriously, no doubt at all…honestly gets me, loves me for my quirks and has never ever tried to change me, but instead supports me in changing myself IF I WANT TO.

and all of that happened because I started working on me diligently after that first divorce. I stared down my shit, kept working at it until it was no longer a problem, found the next thing to fix, kept working at it….and kept going until I could get to a day when I could honestly love me in all of my parts…the good, the bad, the weird…the stretch marks….

I stopped being swayed or fearful by others opinion of me and started valuing my opinion over anyone elses.

I set myself free

My students say that I’ve taught them to trust their own intuition, and to use the spiritual laws that I’ve taught them to shift their negative thought patterns.

And honestly…that’s the goal…to get my clients to a place where they can do that, to give them the tools they need to fix their stuff and more than anything to know that there is someone in the world who believes they are the only person who is equipped to make the best decisions for themselves.

Think about it…you’ve been with you longer than anyone.
YOU know what you’ve been through
YOU know what you’ve overcome
YOU know all the dark places and the icky shit you’ve had to endure just to feel better about yourself

NO ONE else has the right to know you better than you do

And I guess, when it comes down to it, that’s what I’m really good at…showing you your own light and how to embrace your darkness.

So…yeah…don’t come to me for business advice…I am not your girl. I am happy to refer you to someone who is way…way better at it than me.

but if you need someone to take your hand and teach you how to love yourself in all of your parts…and through all of your choices, crappy or brilliant…I got you.