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I’ve been ill this week…violently, horribly, “knocked me on my ass” kind of ill. 

I’m still in the final throes of the “Lady Vertigo” but I feel that as I complete and publish this blog, she may release a bit more of her hold on me. I pray it is so, I pray she sees that I have indeed received the message and the lesson that she has so eloquently laid out for me. 


I’ll spare you the gory details, but will highlight that since, Monday night, I have not been able to maintain my balance. It began violently with the frontwards bed spins, lessened a bit to a feeling of walking on the deck of a ship, to yesterday feeling as though I was floating in the water. 

There was a trip to the urgent care, then the ER for tests, (all inconclusive) in between. I’ve received meds and put in a call to my GP. 

Today, as I’ve pieced together the spiritual components of this journey, a picture is emerging. The pieces are coming together and my body is slowly, laboriously, healing. 

It seems that I’ve ignored my body for long enough, and even more importantly, my creativity

This was the crux of the issue. 

But as things go in the Spiritual realm, I’ve been given breadcrumbs that have led to a final picture and a FLOOD of information. Funny how Spirit always makes you figure it out. It’s never an easy, direct line. It seems you have to pass a few preliminary trials; “testing the reins of your intentions” so to speak. Once these have been passed, more and more is revealed. 

As part of my healing journey, I put on Selfeggio frequencies for my 6th chakra. This is the third eye chakra, the Ajna. The concept here is to seek only the truth and it is deeply involved with your intuition, but also your creativity. And my creativity has been blocked in a major way. It has finally been highlighted for me by my darling Lady Vertigo. 

The problem; this lack of creativity has blocked the energy in my intuition. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue…except I now make my living as a psychic. The amount of energy that passes through me, and is used in service to complete strangers on phone or chat has been staggering. As a psychic, my energy must be constantly cleared, renewed and replenished. 

I was doing great at the clearing bit, not so much in the replenishing part…and that is where Lady Portia comes in. 

As I’ve stepped onto this path as a psychic, I’ve received many new connections and assistance. My access to guidance, spiritual helpers and Angels, has increased exponentially as I’ve opened myself to it. So far I’ve managed, but this energy has shifted my body’s needs because more energy is required of it.

Of course…that’s not how the information was given to me. 

Spirit likes to be cryptic.

I went into meditation this morning, and connected to my 6th chakra, I was given “10/10 portal”, “Goddess of the Violet Flame” and “do your violet flame reading”

(Well, and then I was given a whole bunch of information about how I should eat better. It was almost like a grocery list. I remember there were almonds, They told me to eat almonds.)

I got it, I came out of my meditation and grabbed my phone. 

The 10/10 Portal was this last Tuesday. I began having symptoms Monday night. Scott and I have pieced together a series of events that caused this energy to hit me. I became sick immediately after. I woke up Tuesday morning violently ill. 

I received a message “the connection was broken, something got in” the other day. It now made sense given the context of “the events”. 

So…the 10/10/2023 portal, what is the significance?

According to AskAstrology. com, the year 2023 is a 7 year in numerology and that means it’s about doing the work of looking within and being analytical about where you need to evolve. 

Then you have the years energy combined with the energy of a  double 10

If you’ve done the above work, the double 10 will propel you into action.

If you haven’t, you’ll be given a lesson and will be put in a situation where you will be forced to do the work. 


All of the above is in preparation for the year 2024 which in numerology is an 8 year (which is apparently good)


So this was all about completion, moving on and you guessed it…BALANCE

Sometimes I just want to glare at Spirit and say “ya know you could have just said…”

Now armed with that information, my next Google search was “The Goddess of the Violet Flame”. gave me a wealth of information

There are several, Lady Portia, Amethyst, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin. The one who caught my eye was Lady Portia. I’d never heard of her. 

And funnily enough…she helps women increase their energies!


So there it is, exactly what I needed, but didn’t know that I needed. 

The Final piece was the violet flame reading, and I’ve added it below for you, so you can try it too. 

The basic message for me was to stop spinning my wheels and do what I know needs to be done. 

And funnily enough? My sacred truth was the “a tidy house” card. Apparently I work better when things are in order. This, sadly, is exactly the “thing I know I’ve needed to do but have avoided”

Ok, Lady Portia is urging me to publish! I am not one to ignore her…

I’m just hoping she’s willing to repeat that grocery list…