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It’s been a week since I’ve written anything…  

 From my journal this morning:

 “After declaring last week that my desire is to be a writer; to use the power of prose to do what I have always WANTED to do, the next logical step would be to stop writing all together. Of course I would stop writing…it’s just par for the course. I self-sabotage every time I find a new goal. That’s my pattern”

It’s scary inside my head some days. 

 Can you relate to the above? As soon as I realized I hadn’t worked on my novel for a week, this is the paragraph that came out. Habit makes it so that self-criticism always comes before self-praise. It’s a habit I am trying to break.

So before I headed down that rabbit hole, I stopped and observed my situation from 1000 feet up. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not self sabotage. Quite frankly, at 57 years old, I’ve quit judging myself for anything. Self-judgment is exhausting and only places me farther away from the truth.

I’ve concluded that each and every time this happens, everything I’ve ever labeled as self-sabotage was instead a question of alignment.

Self-sabotage is simply God, (the Universe, my higher self…my angels) asking me to “test the reins” of my intentions.

It’s the Universe saying ”You say you want this thing. Oh yeah? Prove it”

That’s it. It’s not self-sabotage, it’s a test. 

I want you to understand this: 

-You don’t self sabotage nearly as much as you think you do. 
-You are not your own worst enemy
-You have overcome much, so stop beating yourself up
-You are amazing

Anytime you start to believe that you are “yet again” self sabotaging, ask yourself one question.

Because let’s face it. Self-sabotage is simply a clue that you are out of alignment somewhere; that some part of you does not feel as enthusiastic about a goal as the rest of you does. This is an opportunity. 

The key is to get yourself into alignment…so try this: check in with your intentions with the SMART Method for Intention Setting.

The components of SMART intention setting are:

Soulful – it must be heart felt, it must come from a deep desire to not only serve yourself but to serve humanity. After all, what you wish for others, you wish for yourself and what you wish for yourself, you wish for others. A selfish manifestation is out of alignment with the Law of Divine Oneness.

 Meditative – frequency and visualization are important components of the manifestation process. So, in being meditative, we are FEELING the vibrations of what this desire will be like and we are visualizing our joy as well as the joy of others as we work towards it. This is in alignment with The Law of Vibration.


Aligned – The Universe needs clarity, we cannot say we want one thing when we believe something that is the complete opposite. The Universe pays attention to our beliefs, so we must be sure that our beliefs line up with the goal. This is in alignment with the Law of Correspondence. And this is honestly the most common part that leads to failure to manifest. 

Real – this is almost the same as “achievable”, we have to believe that we CAN do this. If you are unable to imagine $1 million, then start smaller with something you do believe…if you have manifested 100’s then start by manifesting 1000’s, then stair step your way up to the big goals. Manifesting takes practice. This is in alignment with the Law of Relativity.

Truth based – How is this intention aligned with who you truly are? Will it bring you closer to the truth of your brilliance? What is true for you, may not be true for others so we are mindful of this. In setting your intention, we remember to come from a place of integrity and responsibility. This is in alignment with the Law of Cause and Effect.