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Put simply, the Law of Compensation is this:

“The energy with which you give to others comes back to you in kind”

You get back what you give to others.

Be generous with your time, love… give of yourself. This doesn’t mean that if you want more money you should give all of yours away. It simply means to be generous with your abundance (in whatever form it takes) and share with others.


When you are generous and proactive, it allows energy to flow in the form of love, money, opportunities, and much more!

In other words…if you give grudgingly, you receive grudgingly.

If you give abundantly, you receive abundantly.

Which is why in Spiritual Circles, many of us say  “Giving and Receiving are the same”.

It’s all about Flow. If you refuse a gift (or a compliment) you block the flow. If you withhold from another, you block the flow. 

Think in terms of “payoff”

The problem with the Law of Compensation is that most people think of it  in terms of money.  

Take a breath right here and think about money for a minute. What does your body feel? If you’re like most people, it brings a certain amount of stress.  

Money…the word, the actual thing, the attitude…all carries the weight of heavy expectations, disappointment, anger, not enoughness and more. These emotions carry lower vibrational energy. In order to create the life you desire, you need FOCUSED POSITIVE ENERGY. Focused positive energy is more powerful and has a higher vibration than negative or lower vibrational energy. 

The Law of Compensation is about energy in all forms, money is merely one of those things. If, in the experiment above, you felt stress when you thought of money, you’ll want to shift your perspective so that you can shift your energy. 

Rather than thinking of compensation in terms of money, think of it in terms of “effect” or a “payoff”

Let’s use our imagination a bit.

Let’s imagine that you ALWAYS receive a payoff. Every single time. 

Let’s also imagine that you are in charge of both the giving and receiving, so you get to determine that the payoff is always equal to the energy that you use. 

Finally, let’s imagine that the payoff is immediate. There’s no waiting, as soon as you complete the task, the payoff is right there. 

Because, when used correctly, with the proper attitude, all of the above is true. 

In his blog 5 steps to making the law of compensation work for you, coach Bill Munn says to make the work itself the reward:

“If the goal of your effort is reward, your effort will never be first rate. Instead, adopt an attitude that celebrates and embraces the work itself as a rewarding, fulfilling opportunity to contribute and improve. When you learn to appreciate the work you’re doing rather than what it might accomplish, you invest in the work in a more meaningful, productive way.”

Your payoff is energy…the energy with which you make the effort

So your payoff for giving a compliment, is the good feeling that comes with giving a compliment

Your payoff for doing the work…is the work gets done

Your payoff for learning a new thing is the knowledge of the thing you have learned

You can’t control outcomes…but you can control your effort. The Law of Compensation states that you will receive an equal measure to the energy that you put in. It makes sense then to make the work joyful and to consider the joy and good feelings that you get from doing the work as your reward. 

It’s also about value

Bob Proctor has been around for years…and quite frankly, he reminds me of my dad. The Self-help guru explains the Law of Compensation like this:

“This Law clearly states the amount of money you earn will always be in exact ratio to…

The need for what you do.

Your ability to do it.

The difficulty there will be in replacing you.”

It sounds super practical…and not at all spiritual, right?? Funnily enough, as a Law of Attraction author, and contributor to The Secret, he’s a bit too woo woo for the mainstream…but then not quite woo woo enough for the Spiritual. 


BUT if you look for a deeper meaning, you’ll begin to understand that there will always be a need for what you do. The key, Bob says, lies in your ability to do the thing (or how well you do the job). In other words, If you keep trying to get better and better, you’ll create a greater need because you will become an expert, then it will be difficult to replace you.

No, it’s not some pie in the sky spiritual advice, it’s practical. Do a good job and people will pay you. The Spirituality of it comes when you recognize that you have been given the raw materials for your purpose in life, but it’s not enough. It is what you do with your gifts and how you use them that makes the difference.   

Don’t Over Give

It’s also  important to Pay attention to how much you give to another. It is easy to fall into the trap of giving and giving and giving with no expectation of receiving. This is out of balance with the law and demonstrates to the Universe that you don’t value your gifts.

HOW YOU GIVE and HOW MUCH YOU GIVE are important. This isn’t about score keeping, but rather building awareness. If you are giving with the expectation of receiving, or if you find yourself frustrated because you are giving too much with no return, it is an indication that giving and receiving are out of balance.

Over-giving is also a surefire way to fall into the trap of co-dependency and mothering (or better yet Smothering). Allow yourself to receive and if you are overgiving, stop it…stop it right now!


It’s about the journey

We’ve all heard the thing about it’s not so much about the destination as it is about the journey, right? Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz discovering that she always had the power of Ruby Slippers,  but didn’t know how to use them, sometimes we have to grow in knowledge in order to make the best use of the reward. 

This is also in alignment with the law…

The knowledge we gain as we travel along life’s road is yet another form of compensation. 

What if you KNEW beyond all doubt that you are always compensated with more knowledge for your efforts? That knowing makes you want to know more…to serve more…and creates an attitude of abundance. That vibration of abundance attracts more abundance!

“How can I best serve the world?” takes precedence over “What can I get out of this?” Within that realm, we naturally do get a job, we naturally do create money, and we naturally do produce an outer prosperity that reflects the prosperity in our hearts.”

― Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles

It’s also about choice

Someone said to me the other day…”I’ve got 100 problems and 99 of them would be solved with money”

The question is…is that really the ONLY solution?

I’m guessing not…but if you believe your only salvation is money, chances are you’ll keep chasing it.

Remember, our power lies in our choice. Choice can never be taken away

It is the way of things, it is in alignment with the Law…

“God has given you your identity, and that cannot be taken away.

God has imbued you with infinite potential, and that cannot be taken away.

God has provided you with the opportunity to change your thinking in an instant, and that cannot be taken away.

God has given you the capacity to love, and that cannot be taken away.

God has entrusted you with the power to live in the light of His abundance in any moment, and that cannot be taken away.”

Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles

Be Generous

If you are withholding something from someone else, Universal Law dictates that something will be withheld from you. This is in alignment with another Universal Law called The Law of Correspondence, which states that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.  

So…start looking around. 

What are you refusing to give and where?

Got a debt that you haven’t paid? 

Love you refuse to give?

Grace for another’s mistake?

Praise for another’s triumph?

Are you jealous of someone?


Now take another look and see if you are lacking that very thing.

Chances are…you are. 

When our perspective shifts to one of generosity with whatever we already have in abundance, adding value at every turn, remembering to receive and enjoying the journey, we automatically become more generous and make choices that are in alignment with The Law. 

Whenever you ask for a miracle, you are given a shift in perspective. That shift in perspective changes every step thereafter, and enables you to CREATE the miracle you seek.  

Knowing that you are always compensated in equal measure to your effort, puts those miracles within reach.