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“I have allowed myself to lead this little life, when inside me there was so much more. And it’s all gone unused. And now it never will be. Why do we get all this life if we don’t ever use it? Why do we get all these feelings and dreams and hopes if we don’t ever use them?”


The clip above is from the movie Shirley Valentine. It’s my favorite movie ever…seriously ever.

I’ve related to it at every age that I’ve watched it; as a young married woman in my 20’s; as a young mother in my 30’s; I totally related to it at 42…the age Shirley is in the movie. Still, at 54, I strive to be as brave as Shirley Valentine. Shirley…who turned 42 in a flash and found herself wondering where that brave young woman she once was had gone.

We’ve all been there.

It feels horrible when we realize that we’ve settled. One day we look up and it’s as though the ambitions and desires that we once had, got lost somewhere.

But it doesn’t have to stay with you, it can be a temporary feeling. You can choose something else.

You can choose to live your life your way. It’s fucking scary sometimes, but it’s so worth it.

I woke up this morning and wrote in my journal…

“I am so grateful for this life!

It’s mine – it’s my choice and I am so incredibly grateful!

So many years ago, I lived by default…but this? This is mine and I’ve started from absolute zero…hell, LESS than zero!

I’ve worked to get here and hell yes, there is still more to do and I am determined to thrive and to learn how to move up!

I will never give up.

There are 83 days left in 2019

83 Days

I want the 2020’s to be my decade.

It’s time

It’s so time”

As I read these words, I hear the echo of 40 something me when I celebrated the craziness of the life of a divorced woman. It was a time when I recognized that I was making plenty of mistakes, and celebrated each and every one of them because I knew with every ounce of my being that the mistakes were made based upon the actions I chose to take.

But they were my choices.

I owned them, I lived them, I lived with the consequences and it was so much better than living a life by default.

A life of default is one in which you DON’T choose, you simply go along, or accept someone else’s definition of who you should be and how you should act.

When you choose to live your life your way, does that make you a bitch? Does that make you selfish?

Nope…but it does make you SELF-ish. You will become full of your SELF…and the sum total of the choices you have made.

And then, you’ll want more. You’ll want to push yourself to become the woman you have always dreamed of being.

Along the way, it is imperative that you practice gratitude for every single step and mis-step you’ve ever made. Universal Law dictates that one practice gratitude for everything in order to turn it into a blessing and in order to attract more.

Practice gratitude in advance, see and feel the woman that you are becoming.  Know that she is beckoning to you to step into your power and to reach for more…so much more.

You have an entire life ready to be claimed.

Are you ready to reach for more?

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