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Every Day in my Patreon Group – The Mystic Traveler’s Journal – we have a journal prompt and a discussion in chat.

This month, we’re talking about Someday or, our “Imaginings” for our future.

I post the question, and provide my answer here in hopes that my dear readers will see that we never stop questioning, and we never stop growing. We’re all on our path, hoping for the best and dealing with all that life has to throw at us.

And so today’s question is…

I think I always just wish for clarity…or understanding

There are also the days where I wish my house was clean, or there was more money in the bank…that my kids would reach out…

But overall, I think my daily wish is to just understand! I think that’s always been my wish!

Funnily enough, that rather explains why I never worry about the future…oh shoot… I lost my train of thought.

But no, it seems like I have faith that things will just work out, I’m just busy trying to understand what is in front of me!

And so…since I don’t worry about the future or even plan for it, the dreams that I do have (wealth, a nice house, family gathered round) seem to keep eluding me…because A) I don’t consider it very much except in the abstract and B) I just seem to merrily skip along through life and end up where I end up

And honestly, that can be really really exasperating sometimes

Perhaps each day I need to at least have an inkling of the future I am trying to create…