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As I sat down to write the intro for the video I am sharing with you today, I relaxed my shoulders, took a deep inhale and prepared to write.

The blank page stared at me

I stared back.

Dragon (my inner muse) says lazily in my ear “I suppose you want me to write something”

I can imagine her next to me,  the sleep mask still hanging on her head. I can hear the disdain in her voice. Hell, I can almost smell the cigarette & alcohol fumes wafting off of her.

“Well, yes, Dragon, I need you, it’s time to write”

She lifts one side of the sleep mask…”there aren’t any candles…do you have any candles lit?”


“Don’t even THINK of waking me until you have candles”


“And music…you need music, If I’m to write, I need music” 

Yes dragon…

She has a point; my muse, my divine feminine, my writing voice…(all of that is wrapped up in the part of me that I call “Dragon”). She’s sensuous, she plays and damn can she put words together!

But I can’t slip into that energy, or find those words, until I honor that part of me. In order to write, my world needs to be in full color, not the boring cold of white walls and wintery sunshine.  

 So, I lit the candles.

 I put on the soft music…

 I put on a soft sweater…

Then I went to the kitchen and made myself a pot of coffee and some whole wheat English muffins with yogurt, honey and dried cranberries. 

As I settled back into my writing space (ie…my bed), I took a bite of my muffin; I savored the yummy sweetness of the yogurt and honey, mixed with the crunch of the toasted English muffin.  I heard the music and smelled the vanilla candles, the mood was set.

 The energy was right. 

 The words flowed.

And here we are. 

 It began with a single thought…”in order to write, I need to set the mood”

 And then with the next thought…”in order to engage my reader, I need to tell a story”. 

 With those two instructions, my body set to work creating the environment for me to create. 

Energy…followed thought.

And so the video below, published a few years ago, is about why positive thought, and self care are so important. 

Dragon reminded me of that, by insisting that I care for myself and the part of me that creates…the part of me that DESIRES comfort and beauty.

Oh and ps…it’s hilarious, there’s a few minutes where you get to hear Merlin purring into the microphone. I had to leave it because it’s just so damn cute!


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