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Divine Archeology – A Soulful Excavation

When you’re born, you are perfect…even with your little flaws and birthmarks, the tiny imperfections, you come into this incarnation as a truly enlightened soul. And you will leave your body as an enlightened soul…

But in the middle is humanity.

And humanity is messy.

Along the way, as you travel through your life, you lose track of your perfection. You’re hit with expectation and obligations, with opinions of what will make you “just right”. There are injuries and then there is healing..more injuries…more healing. But sometimes…there are more injuries than healing. Sometimes we become lost, trying to find our way, trying to be “just right” when the reality is, our soul has known all along that we were already “just right”

We just forgot

Divine Archeology is an excavation of the soul. It is an opportunity to dig deep and discover all of the beauty and love that already exists inside of you. These things have been covered up by your “not enoughness”…when the truth is my love, you are already enough.

And you are never too much.

In our excavation, we’ll seek to answer the age-old question “who were you before the world told you who to be?”

Who ARE you??

Beneath the expectations

Beneath the self doubt and self criticism

Beneath the need to excel and behind the fear that you never will

Under the questions and the doubt and the fear

Have you ever been daring??

I bet you have

Have you ever been brave??

Absolutely…you got out of bed this morning didn’t you?

Have you ever stood up for what was right?


How do I know?

Because we’ve all had those moments…but we didn’t recognize them at the time. We were shaky and our voice may have faltered, but we spoke out anyway. It wasn’t perfect…but that doesn’t mean it never happened.

It just means it wasn’t like in the movies.

The cool thing about movies is we can see “the moments” right?

We see the key moment when our hero makes the decision that turns the tide…

Dear one, this may be one of those moments. It’s up to you to decide.

And there are many more to follow…because my darling, you ARE the hero of your own story

You are the victim, the villain, the saboteur, the paragon, and still you are the hero

And now is the moment of your redemption

Divine Archeology is about that… 

We’re setting about digging into your past for those moments.

In the movies, our heroes have a clear mission and goal…they don’t just wander around willy nilly…there is a clear destination and plot.

Yeah…life isn’t like that. We fucking lose the plot constantly.

But…we CAN pick it up again, we can discover what it is we’re here to do, we can DECIDE to move towards a better life.

And we can excavate all of the unused tools that you have picked up along the way. Together we’ll discover new tools that are the perfect fit for you. Tools that feel right for you, tools that feel good in your hand, tools that bring you power.

You can do all of that if you just take some time to explore the stories of your life and reframe your perspective on them, because maybe what you have been thinking of as a liability is actually an asset

It’s all in how you look at it

And more than anything, Divine Archeology is about that. It’s about taking that long look, gaining some perspective and taking inventory of the talents, skills and stories you already have that are nothing more than brilliant.

Where shall we excavate??

Your body – we’ll find the wisdom contained there, the protection and nurturing that it provides, and yes, we’ll look at the places where you body has hidden the truth and swallowed the lies of others…we’ll release that energy and heal those dark places

Your mind – ahhh the great trickster. Your mind is full of half truths and flat out lies, but it is also filled with beauty and love and brilliance…we’ll find those lies and squash them, and we’ll replace the ugliness with more and more of the beauty that resides there

Your Spirit – what were the rules you grew up with? Do you agree with them? Who or what is God to you?? Does your Divinity punish or uplift?? Who are your guides, helpers and teachers? How do they speak to you? How can you speak back? We’ll explore your beliefs and bring you to a place where you feel solid, absolutely solid in your Faith…because you will have created it.

Your past – ahhhh the place of your greatest failures and successes, the place where you can choose to heal and take the lesson, or despair and stay stuck. We’ll work to heal your past and replace the stories of shame, guilt and blame with stories of triumph.

Your present – where are you losing your power right now? Who is draining it? What will you do to get it back?? We’ll pick up tools to help you stand firm and release what no longer serves

Your future – We’ve got to ask…what do you want?? Do you know?? We’ll teach you to dare to dream, to take the reins of your life back…You’ll learn to make decisions that you love and to re-claim your dreams.

Your life is rich with possibilities. 

There is TREASURE within…we just have to dig for it.

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