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Managing stress on any given day can be a pain, but these days, emotions seem to be running higher than usual. As a society, we are in the middle of a great Spiritual Awakening. People are discovering that there is more to life than working at a job that brings no fulfillment, that connecting with others is a real thing, that we can do better as a society. Add to that political upheavals, Covid, planetary disasters; all of that means great change. 

It’s a roller coaster ride on an epic scale. 

 Even for those of us who have learned to  become comfortable with the unknown this is difficult to navigate. It takes digging deeper into our Spiritual Practices and confronting truths that we’ve managed to ignore. It seems no one is safe from all of this.

We are all being given the opportunity to heal and to re-define ourselves.


Whether you are newly awakened, or a veteran lightworker, we can all use some reminders to work through this transition. And make no mistake, it IS work; facing and healing emotions is The Work. Doing The Work is the reason you are living on this planet at this time. We all have something to contribute, we all have something to heal. We are in this together. The Law of Divine Oneness tells us so. 

Here are 5 tips for managing the emotional rollercoaster.

1. Be Gentle with Your Self.

Understand that the old ways of doing things, just “pushing through and ignoring the way you feel” is no longer a valid response. Give yourself the gift of patience as you learn a new way of being. This means not judging what you feel but allowing yourself to feel it, and taking moments to just breathe and not do anything. Remember to capture moments of joy and revel in them. Being gentle with yourself is the beginning of the process of loving yourself unconditionally and that is where we are all heading.

2. Feel your emotions but don’t do anything about them.

More than anything right now, we are feeling ALL the feels. Our old conditioning would have been to DO something about it. Now, you’re simply being asked to notice and acknowledge the feeling and nothing more. You may ask what good this does and it’s simply this: “felt feelings flow”. When you allow yourself to feel an emotion without  judgment, it flows away, it exits your consciousness. When you judge an emotion as “bad”, you tend to stuff it down and it finds a place to rest in your body. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy tells us that all energy eventually manifests. So energy that is ignored will make its way to the subconscious and will eventually manifest as disease, or a trigger, or self-sabotage.


3. Learn to “offload” negative energy.

The Law of Vibration states that we sense and feel energy constantly. This is why we know the energy of a room when we walk into it, and why we get a “gut feeling” about someone. When we’re unaware of this fact, we tend to take the emotions that are in the air and call them our own.

Don’t believe it? Think of the last time someone “spoiled your mood”. You’re all happy and having a great day, then someone cuts in front of you, or is rude. Maybe you walk into the room happy when your loved one is angry and suddenly you’re in a fight. This is the Law of Vibration in action.

When you find yourself feeling an emotion, stop for a moment and ask yourself why you’re feeling it. If you can’t find a reason, it’s possible that you picked up on another person’s energy and your body reacted. Because this is an unconscious thing, I recommend that you begin a daily practice of “offloading”. You can do this by going outside and putting your feet in the ground and saying internally “I now release all emotions and attachments that are not mine, or that no longer serve me” and imagine the feelings going down through your body and into the ground. Another method is to raise a hand and imagine the energy going out through your palm. You may feel nothing or you may feel the energy leaving, you may hear a sound, or feel tingling…or nothing at all. Once you’re done, take a few moments to simply sit in silence and breathe…it doesn’t have to be long. By doing this, you’re interrupting the flow of negative thought and giving yourself a “reset” throughout the day.

4. Choose a different perspective.

We tell ourselves stories all the time, right?

We have stories for why we are in this situation or that, we have stories about our ambitions and what we can do or can’t do.

 What if there is another way to look at it?

The truth is, there is ALWAYS another way to look at it. In fact, there are thousands. In fact…it is entirely likely that the story you are telling yourself is untrue. The Law of Relativity reminds us that as bad as we have it, someone has it worse.

We are always able to put things into perspective and to change it. When we ask for a miracle, we are actually given a change in perspective. That change in perspective changes our trajectory and gives us a whole new direction.

Instead of thinking that every seeming calamity is leading to your doom, simply decide that every seeming calamity is leading you to your success. Begin to be conscious of the stories you’re telling yourself and ask yourself if there is another way to perceive what is happening.


5. When all else fails…just be grateful.

The energy of Gratitude cannot be beat. The Law of Attraction tells us that “like attracts like” so when you feel gratitude, you are actually sending out a vibration that attracts more things to be grateful for. Gratitude also pushes out negativity and gives us that change in perspective that is so incredibly vital. And most importantly…Gratitude feels good. Go ahead…stop for a moment and think of something you are grateful for. Take a breath, bring that thing to mind and notice how your body feels. I will guarantee you feel better for it.

We cannot know what is coming, most of us are not gifted with pre-cognizance, but we can know that our attitude towards a thing determines how we manage it. So why not take as many moments to feel gratitude as you can?


As we are moving through this Spiritual Awakening, the most important thing is to be kind to ourselves and to be kind to each other. We’re simply not in control of the events that happen to us, but we are 100% in control of our thoughts and reactions to such things. By using one or all 5 of these tips, you’ll be able to navigate with much more ease and grace.

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As you begin to practice them, you’ll find that you become a better human – you’ll heal those places in your life where lower vibrational thinking and thus low energy is making you miserable.

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