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The other day I shared with someone that I am a practicing psychic.

It was the first time I actually ever said it out loud to someone. I can’t remember exactly why I felt the need to share, I tend to keep quiet about such things. Although Spirit wants me “out” so I guess it was a baby step.

She was deeply curious about my job. She asked me “So what’s it like? Do you walk past someone in the store and suddenly have to tell them something??”

If we’re going to talk about myths about being a psychic, that is a really good place to start. 


Myth #1

Psychics read total strangers in the grocery store 

The short answer is no.

When I’m not on the job, I’m not exactly  “plugged in”. Yes I still get intuitive hits about people, but it would be rude for me to say something to them about it. 

And yes, you see this on TV a lot with many famous psychics. In fact, I mentioned one to the woman I was having a conversation with and she confirmed that she was thinking of that same person. 

The thing is, it’s RUDE AND INVASIVE to do such a thing! And let’s be honest, do you think someone who “happens” to be in a store isn’t going to notice the lady with a camera crew following her around?? It’s a bit theatrical. 

That is NOT to say that TV psychics are fake, that is for you to judge on a case by case basis. Use caution. But no, to be clear…it just doesn’t really work that way.


That said, people absolutely project their energy and as an empath, if you pay attention, you’ll see what is glaringly obvious. 

I’ll give you an example:

The other day, I was at the vet’s office. It was a crowded busy day. I overheard one of the technicians say there was only one vet on duty. As we sat waiting with my Mom’s dog, I observed another couple sitting across from us. She had on dark sunglasses, but I could see that she was crying. Her husband/partner sat next to her, his elbows on his knees, holding their dog’s leash. The dog was a Bernese Mountain Dog, he laid on the floor patiently. Something in the way the woman sat up and sniffed, looking at the door to the exam rooms caught my attention.

They were there to put the dog down. 

Now, I ask you…am I psychic or just observant?

She’s crying, his posture is defeated, their dog is old…she’s indoors with dark sunglasses on, she looks tense…

What else could it be?

Well…in fact, it could be a whole bunch of other things, right? Maybe she’s been up all night with a sick dog and wanted to get some sleep. I didn’t observe them leaving so I can’t know if they left without the dog. Even if I saw that…I would have no way of knowing what the truth is without confirmation. 

I CAN tell that I’m likely right by the way it FELT when the information came to me. But there is no way to know for sure short of asking the people directly. And wouldn’t that be the rudest thing ever?

And that’s another myth…

Myth #2

Psychics are always right.

The short answer again, is no. 

We are given information in a variety of ways, through symbols, thoughts, memories and pictures. Why it’s that way, I am still trying to figure out, but because of the variety of ways we receive information, we can easily misinterpret what we see, hear or feel. 


,,,Which leads to an even bigger myth…

Myth #3 Psychics know all

You would think it’s that way…after all, that’s how they show it on TV, but the truth is, I am only  given very slim insight into a small piece of your life. If I’m not “supposed” to know, or if the person being asked about is blocked or protected by their guides, I will not be given anything. 

And if the person being asked about doesn’t believe in psychics?  The denial of access is implicit, there is no way my guides will give me any inormation. (this is different for other psychics, more on that in a future blog) . And that is where my other skills come in. I will often begin asking questions about the situation. As more details are given, I’m able to see the pieces that the person I’m reading isn’t picking up on. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle…if you study it long enough, you’ll begin to see the patterns. The person I’m reading could see it too if only they were open to it…but often they are blinded by their desires, injuries and general “stuff”. This is true for psychics too, we often have blind spots in our own lives and need to seek out a collegue for assistance. 


Another example…and honestly I get this a lot..

Someone will call and ask me “what does so and so think of me”?

The person they are asking about may be closed off energetically and I may not receive information initially…but as we’re talking, my client will tell me that they’ve sent several text messages and he or she hasn’t responded. 

As a jaded refugee from the dating scene, I can tell you with 90% accuracy that the person they are asking about isn’t interested. 

There generally isn’t another explanation….well unless there is (there’s a coaching term for this…”things are true until they’re not”)

If there another explanation,  this is where my psychic skills come into play, because SOMEONE on the other side will let me know. I’ll get a feeling or I’ll get a memory if the case is otherwise. 

In the absence of this, experience comes in. I’m trained as a life coach, I’ve lived through a whole bunch of drama in my lifetime, so without a doubt, I will help my client find the answers one way or another. 

I’d love to hear from you if any of this feels familiar. I was watching a video from psychic/medium John Edward the other day and I was simply amazed at how much of his methods and stories related to mine. He shared that for a long time he just thought his abilities were plain old common sense. Me too! So, for me this is a way to share my story in order for you to see that we all have gifts…but sometimes we just don’t recognize them!

This can happen especially when there are a ton of myths out there about what those gifts actually look like. I hope to break it down and make your gifts easy to identify and use. So let me know…what’s it like for you?