Join Mama Starr as she goes for a walk in the park every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Starr posts a short video before her walk to break down Spiritual and Empowerment principles for you in a fun and easy to understand way. 

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This week we talked about actual alchemy and Spiritual Alchemy, Breaking Rules and Blame, Shame and Guilt!


Monday – join Starr for a quick history lesson about Mary the Jewess…a founding mother of the practice of Alchemy who’s axiom led to a revelation for Carl Jung AND find out how our ability to put things together makes us Spiritual Alchemists. 

Pre-walk Alchemy, a bit of history 

Post Walk The Spiritual Alchemy Process (join here to view)

A Card Reading for the Group! (patrons only)


Wednesday – Pheronike was a from a family of Olympians, find out how she broke the rules and faced death in order to make sure he son won his Olympic Boxing match in 388 AD! Then we talk about being bold enough to break the rules you don’t agree with and finally, we have a quick session where Mama Starr gives you journal prompts to figure out what rules you need to break!

Pre walk Who was Pheronike??  

Post Walk Why you need to break the rules every once in a while. 

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Strategy Session and Journal Prompts  (patrons only)


Friday – Just because your method for doing something is ugly, doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. Mama Starr talks about patterns and why it’s important to not beat yourself up if you have an ugly pattern that works! (like waiting til the last minute to pack your bags for a flight)

Pre Walk – Yes, it’s a stupid pattern, but it works…why that’s important

Post Walk – Blame Shame and Guilt keep you stuck, acceptance moves you forward


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