learn the 12 Universal Laws

Gain a deeper understanding of Spirituality, Manifesting and Co-Creating with Spirit through the Universal Law Course.

About The Course

By learning these 12 principles, you will have a greater sense of peace.

When you apply them daily, you will soon be in alignment in mind, body and spirit.

The 12 Laws help you to make sense of the world and offer solutions to every-day problems by giving a deeper meaning to the events that affect us. 

The beauty of Universal Law is that it helps you to become a better human – to heal those places in your life where lower vibrational thinking and thus low energy is making you miserable. 

This is the greatest gift that comes from the ageless topic of Universal Law. 

One of the most famous Universal Laws is the Law of Attraction. This along with the idea of “manifesting” have become a hot topic over the years. Sadly some misconceptions have arisen about what it actually is and how it  works. Part of the problem is that some people try to “manifest” using the Law of Attraction as their only tool.

But there are many, many more laws. And take note here…you…yes you…are ALWAYS manifesting…just not consciously.  

With that in mind, Starr Piercy, Intuitive & Spiritual Guide, walks you through the 12 Universal Laws to help you get a firm grasp on energy, vibration and frequency, all key components for attracting your desires. She guides you to reprogram your thoughts and teaches you how to CHOOSE your energetic state. 


Video & Workbook

Each lesson in the course has a video and workbook. The video and workbook are designed to take you no more than a half hour to complete.

The real work comes in between lessons when you’ll integrate what you’ve learned into your everyday life.  Be gentle with yourself through this process. Be sure to have a journal handy and write your observations in it daily. You’ll find as you go through your day that you’ll often see the Law that you are studying in action!

Classroom Pages

In the classroom on the website, you’ll find the farther down you go on the page, the deeper the lesson. Gain insight and advice on using the Laws in your every day life, explore your past successes and lessons through the blogs and extra journal questions, access the video and workbook to gain insight too!

What’s inside


The Law of Divine Oneness

Think “Namaste”


The Law of Vibration

Everything is connected


The Law of Attraction

Like Attracts Like


The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

All energy manifests


The Law of Action

Take inspired action daily.


The Law of Relativity

It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you think about what happens to you.


The Law of Correspondence

Your world is your mirror


The Law of Polarity

Everything has an opposite.


The Law of Rhythm

All energy ebbs and flows


The Law of Gender

All things have masculine and feminine energy and must be in balance.


The Law of Cause & Effect

We live in a World of Effects, nothing is without cause


The Law of Compensation

Giving and Receiving are the same. Share what you have with others. 

By learning these 12 principles, you will have a greater sense of peace.

When you apply them daily, you will soon be in alignment in mind, body and spirit.


Journal Questions

The course consists of 12 videos and workbooks with journal questions and exercises plus tons of advice from Starr on when and how to make the most of Universal Law in your daily life.

I'm really enjoying the content. I'm with you so far. It's written in a basic enough way that even someone with no background could follow you! It also never talks down to the more advanced reader.

Cyndi C., Michigan

This was awesome! While I am familiar with the law of attraction I didn’t quite realize the blocks I had until I started working through the questions. This was an awesome lesson and I’m looking forward to The Whole program!!

Katie S., California

I LOVED this!!!! Having it confirmed that yes, I must take action for the Universe to keep taking steps on my behalf was the exact reminder and kick in the pants I really needed to hear today.

Elena, California

About Starr

Starr Piercy has been studying Spirituality, Universal Law, empowerment and communication for most of her life. As a writer and thought leader she combines the Spiritual with the practical and a pinch of science to help her students and readers end the suffering from a busy and judgmental brain. She helps you reset your thinking for more peace, rest, joy and compassion,