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Please read the important information below 🙂

I am so glad you have chosen to Join

The Divine Archeology Course!

Please acquire a blank artists journal before class begins. These are easily obtained at Walmart and typically cost about $5-$8. I prefer 9 x 12 size, but it it is entirely up to you, this is YOUR project.

Pro tip…if you check the kits art section, they are usually cheaper. 

Other items you’ll need: a regular journal or notebook, colored pens, markers, old magazines and/or a printer, glue stick or tape.

I will be in touch with you to give you more information. Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions.

Be sure to whitelist “yonderstarr@gmail.com” in your email program so that we don’t end up in your spam folder. This is especially important as I will be sending you information about the course and lots of other really good info!

We never want to bug you with too much email (honestly, we don’t send a lot) so please know that you are welcome to unsubscribe any time after your services are delivered)

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