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The 12 Spiritual Laws Of The Universe: what are they and how do they work?

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction, you may have heard the buzz word “manifesting” and most certainly you’ve heard of energy, all of these things are components of the 12 Laws of the Universe.  

Like the Universe, these laws are infinite, they apply across many disciplines and cultures, they have been spoken of in religion and were a subject of the movie The Secret. They are accepted as universal truths of nature yet, you can also apply the principles to your mindset. In fact, I know of no other tool for creating and maintaining positive thought that is better.


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How many laws exist in the universe?

The Universe is a big place…really big. It’s 93 billion light years…big.  I always like to have Google do the math for me every time I look that up (because lord knows, I won’t remember)  but it’s so big that you can’t ever get to the edge of it because it is ever expanding. 

So. the answer there is…I have no idea. 

And even if we were to include just us here on earth…there are 100’s.

And some say that the spiritual concept of Universal Law can’t be proven. 


So does that mean you should take it on faith?? Is it faith based? Well, no. It is always, always critically important that you conduct your OWN investigation of the truth. So take these Laws, as a constant, only after you have fully investigated them. Don’t take my word for it just because I have a pretty website. 

The answer to the question then, is who can say? If you were to Google the question, you would find that there are many, but there are 12 main Spiritual Laws that I have studied and therefore feel somewhat (ahem) qualified to teach.

How do you work with Universal Law?

The principle at work here is that our thoughts create our energy, that energy is then transmitted as a vibration or vibe…which then attracts or repels other people, things, opportunities that match your vibration.

As you’ll see as we go through them, there are certain situations and mindsets that are perfectly suited for each law, as you learn about each one, you’ll begin to discover situations in your life where you can apply. Often, a simple reminder of one law or another is all that’s needed to shift your energy…and Universal Law is ALL about energy. So you will find yourself using them daily in your mindfulness/mindset practice.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply the practice of being aware of your thoughts and feelings. We have been programmed to believe that we have little power over our thoughts, but the reality is just the opposite. By practicing mindfulness daily, you will become aware of the thoughts that empower you as well as disempowering thoughts and you will be able to use Universal Law to shift them.

Enjoy this Chakra Balancing Music from Jason Stephenson while you browse 🙂

 The Music will keep playing while you scroll through the 12 Universal Laws

The Law of Divine Oneness

We are one. Everyone and everything on the planet is made up of energy, everything is Divine. We each have God or Source or Higher Self or just plain energy inside of us. We have more in common than sets us apart and we are governed by the same rules of nature. We all live and die; we all love

Use this Law when:

  • You need to connect to Divine/Universal energy
  • You feel alone (you’re not really ever!)
  • You need to feel more self-confidence (you are just as good as anybody else)

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The Law of Vibration

What you think, feel, say and do sends vibrational energy to everything around you. We are built to intuitively sense these vibrations. 

The Law tells us that we must align our energy with that which we want to attract. The way we do this is through our emotions and our thoughts which we can change and redirect in any moment. Remember this: “energy follows thought”



Use this Law when:

  • You need to rely on your intuition
  • You want to change the mood of a room (you actually can!)
  • You feel fear or anxiety but can’t pinpoint the source (it may not be you!)

The Law of Attraction

Like attracts like… Positive energy attracts more positive energy and vice versa. The basic concept of this Law is “As you think, so shall you be”. This Law by itself is not enough in the Manifestation process, although it receives the most press. It is merely the beginning. It goes beyond wishing or hoping or visualizing. You have to be in alignment with the Law and then apply yourself. Most importantly…you must take action!

Use the Law when:

  • You need to focus on the energetic state of your desire (it’s all about frequency)
  • You need positive energy and have done your healing work (never ignore negative vibes unless you’ve done the work)
  • You are feeling bad about yourself or your situation (the goal is awareness)

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Also known as the “learning to go with the flow law”. Energy is constantly moving and higher vibrational energy consumes or is more powerful than lower energy. Because you can change your energy, you have the power to change your life. That said, power isn’t about control, but about “allowing” the energy to flow. By choosing your thoughts and empowering yourself, you allow yourself to be in the flow of Universal energy; you find joy in manifesting your desires.



Use the Law when:

  • You are feeling down and want to feel better
  • You need to match the frequency of that you wish to attract
  • You are losing faith that your goals will manifest

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The Law of Action

The Universe wants to know you’re serious! Remember this is all about energy, so if you are sitting on your ass thinking about the things you want to manifest, but not doing anything about it, there is no energy! You must take inspired action towards your goal every day. Hard work, when used towards your passion, should be challenging, but it should also come easily. There should be no struggle…. If you are struggling, then you are not aligned with your goals properly or they are not the right goals for you.


Use this Law when:

  • You are stuck!
  • You are spinning your wheels
  • You have had little or no results for your goals (action speaks louder than words or thoughts)


The Law of Relativity

The Law states that nothing can be judged as good, bad, big, small, etc. until it has been experienced and compared to something else. Energy is always manifesting. Period. We’re going to face great things and not so great things. It’s what you do with your experiences and how you transcend that counts.

The Law also teaches us that things could be worse. While you’re worrying about your life purpose, someone else is worrying about their next meal. So keep things in perspective. And if you want to improve your situation, watch someone who is where you want to be and mimic their habits!

Use this Law when:

  • Something bad happens
  • You need inspiration
  • You need to shift your perspective

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The Law of Correspondence

The world is your mirror! The Law states that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. This Law is about taking an unflinching look at your life and taking responsibility for your experience. If you are surrounded by people who betray you and lie to you, the question you must ask is how often do you betray and lie to yourself? This is certainly not for the faint of heart and yet, if you want to manifest the life that you desire, it must be done. It is important to remember this is not about a single thought but a consistent pattern of thought that manifests your experience.




Use the Law when:

  • You seem to be attracting the same expierience/type of people
  • You want to attract happier people
  • You need to get a handle on the chaos

The Law of Polarity

All things have an opposite; day and night, happiness and sadness, up and down and so on

There are points on a spectrum between the two opposites. Within each experience, regardless of how it may be perceived, lies the possibility to experience the polar opposite. It’s the quality of your thoughts and perceptions towards any circumstance that determines which end of the spectrum you will experience.

In other words, you get to decide how good or bad something really is and whether you can choose a way out of it.



 Use this Law when:

  • Your brain is stuck on the worst case scenario
  • You feel like you’ve failed
  • You wish your life were different

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The Law of Rhythm

“To everything there is a season, a time for purpose under heaven”

All energy has its own rhythm and frequency. It ebbs and flows. These rhythms establish their own cycles and patterns. Like the seasons of the year, each has its own purpose and function and is a vital part of a larger cycle.

Learn to tune into the higher vibrations and frequencies that you wish to attract. As you become aware of the rhythm of the Universe, you will be able to use this Law in conjunction with the others in order to manifest your desires.



Use the Law when:

  • You’re tired (allow yourself to rest)
  • You’re frustrated that things aren’t happening NOW
  • You’ve tried to shift your energy but just can’t

The Law of Gender

All things have Masculine and Feminine Energy (the Yin/Yang) and must be in balance.

This Law tells us that when we plant a seed (masculine energy) it requires time to grow and manifest (feminine energy).

Patience is required and we must not give up before the goal is reached.

The Law also decrees that both masculine and feminine energies are required for life to exist.




Use the Law when:

  • You’re thinking instead of doing or doing instead of thinking
  • You want to change EVERYTHING before you’ve reached your goal
  • You’re afraid you don’t have what it takes (you do…it’s built in…trust me on this)

The Law of Cause & Effect

Put simply, the Law of Cause and Effect is this:

We live in a world of effects. Nothing happens without cause.

It’s physics, right? If you push a domino, it falls. That domino, if next to another, then causes the next one to fall and so on….so each domino experiences an ‘effect’ and that ‘effect’, in turn, becomes a ‘cause’ like a chain.

We can stop those dominoes from falling by simply making a different choice…the Law of Perpetual Transmutation assures us of that! Imagine all that could happen if you simply had a different thought
As a human, you always have free will, you are always free to choose. You are not,however, free from the consequences of that choice.



Use the Law when:

  • You’re goal doesn’t seem to be coming about
  • You can’t understand why people do the things they do
  • You need to try something different (remember the definition of insanity?)

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The Law of Compensation

You get back what you give to others.

Be generous with your time, love… give of yourself. The doesn’t mean that of you want more money, you should give all of yours away. It simply means to be generous with your abundance and share with your current capacity to do so.

When you are generous and proactive, it allows energy to flow in the form of love, money, opportunities, and much more!



Use the Law when:

  • A friend asks for a favor
  • You are having trouble asking for what you need
  • You feel weird or insecure about charging people for your services