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Mama Starr

As Featured In Untamed Soul Magazine

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Recorded Reading - $55

Do you have a question, but don’t have time to meet?

With your busy schedule it is totally understandable!

If you’ve got a specific question, or would like a general 5-7 card reading, Starr will record a reading for you and send you a report with all the information you need. This includes pictures of the cards and the write up from the guide book used with the oracle card deck along with her interpretation, recommendations for healing and information from Spirit.

1 Hour Zoom Live Reading & Coaching – $77

Meet with Mama Starr via zoom for an hour for a completely personalized experience. It’s not just a reading, it’s coaching, it’s spritual guidance, it’s an hour dedicated to assisting you with all the tools Starr has available. 

You’ll be able to ask questions and receive loving and Spiritual guidance from Mama Starr.

The session is recorded because quite often, clients are so caught up in the moment, they forget half of what was said!

1 hour readings are available Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Personalized Week Ahead Readings - 4 for $33

Get a “head’s up” from your Spirit Guides.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that there is a reason for all the ‘day to day’ stuff you go through?

There is.

It’s called GROWTH.

No, it’s not often pretty…and sometimes it’s just mundane, but still, we are here on the “earth school” to learn and to grow. A week ahead reading puts everything in perspective for you.

It’s like a CliffsNotes for your spiritual growth!

You’ll progress through life’s little quizzes and tests with a bit less anxiety, because you’ll already have the inside information on what it is that you’ll need to know and do and what your challenge will be!

Imagine what you’ll know a month from now.

Personal Week Ahead Readings can be purchased in monthly blocks. A video message with your 3 card reading from Mama Starr will arrive in your inbox every week.


If you are ready to step into profound change, fill out the contact form below to register for a 1 on 1 discovery session. I will reach out to you via email to schedule a time to meet via zoom.

My coaching rate is flexible and based up on your needs. One on one coaching ranges from $150 to $333 per month, group coaching is available, check the Groups and Courses page for my low monthly membership rates.

Do you have a group of friends who want to explore one of my courses together?

Shoot me a message and let’s talk about a custom program!

Intuitive Reading & Coaching Agreement
You agree to the following:

1 The work we do together is for educational and informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice.
2. You are a being of choice.
3 You take full responsibility for all of your own decisions, feelings, actions and outcomes.
4. By taking responsibility for your choices, you hold Starr Piercy, Scott Hoffman, YonderStarr Coaching, and all those associated with my coaching process, harmless from any outcomes, results, or repercussions of your choices.


Starr is the real thing! She’s kind, intuitive, and honest. She’ll help guide you on the right path.


You amaze me with your calm listening, to me and to our Guides, so clearly, so logical, so real to me.


Starr jumpstarted me to a new phase of inner growth and exploration. I am excited to see what unfolds.


Starr helped me see and understand my true potential and I know she can help you as well.


Starr is easy for others to relate to. She doesn’t play it off as life is grand and all is so wonderful and perfect.


Honest, Accurate & Discreet

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