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What It Means To You

Imagine a Woman

Life Changing Words...

The first time I saw this poem by Patricia Lynn Reilly, it took my breath away.

“This! I want to be THIS!” 

I felt like I had so far to go…but I was determined to get myself out of my misery, no matter how long it took. 

I printed it out and hung it on my wall and I read it EVERY DAY for a year. I knew what I wanted to be, because my darling Patricia Lynn Reilly spelled it out. This was my blueprint for who I would become. And this was my definition of success!

These days I live this poem.

For a time, I had forgotten how hard I worked, how relentless I was in improving and measuring and thinking…and trying to BECOME. As I’ve look back, I now remember it WAS hard work.

And it was so worth it. 

So let’s begin our celebration of  your success story by pausing for a moment and considering. What is your measure?

Is this a good blueprint for you? Does it resonate? Can you adapt it so that it fits just you?

Grab your journal and ask yourself…”what does success mean to me?”

Write it down, grab some photos and let’s find out….

A Moment of Success

You’ve had one, right? There’s been a moment, probably a few, in your life in which you thought. Dang…I did it!

For me, this was my moment

It was my oldest son, Jake’s wedding day. There’s me standing next to the big red head, Jake and next to Jake is his Dad, Dave. Of course, the bride, Taylor, her mom, Nicole and Dave’s wife, Karin.

I’ll save you the long drawn out story and drama. It’s enough to tell you that Dave is my ex-husband and Karin is my ex-best friend. That ought to tell you plenty!

So…this moment right after the moment I told Karin to come join us in the picture and she came up and kissed me on the cheek. Right after she realized that I wasn’t going to kill her or make her time at the wedding miserable, this moment was a real moment of success.

It was the moment I realized that the past had no hold over me, that I had come into my power, that I had forgiven. 

I fought like hell to get there.


Of course, I wouldn’t be the proud mom if I didn’t show you all three of my sons. And yes, this moment is another one. I’m proud of who they’ve become and I’m proud that I didn’t kill them 🙂


So…think about it. Your moment’s of success don’t have to be awards or recognition by your  peers. A real moment of success is one in which YOU are proud of YOU…and maybe no one else was…but you saw how you had grown. 

So, grab that journal and dig into your old photos…

Remind yourself of a moment of triumph that may or may not have been noticed by anyone else.

What are you proud of? What have you survived?