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Forgiveness, or letting go is a highly personal and active, rather than a passive process.

I have three rules for forgiveness

  1. Don’t forgive until you’re ready.
  2. Sometimes you have to forgive more than once.
  3. Forgive yourself too!

The following videos were created in 2014 and are based upon blogs that I wrote when I was going through my first divorce in 2005. They walk you through the process of healing that one goes through when learning to forgive after a break up or divorce. If you need help with this process, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Facebook Messenger or email at

If you feel triggered,  fearful or if you feel as though it is too much to take on when beginning these or any exercises. Please stop until you have someone with you.

If this happens, stop what you are doing. Take a deep breath and say to yourself “Today’s Date is (state the date) and I am safe”.

Ground yourself in the present, get up, go outside, look around and walk away from the exercise. Do not proceed until you have spoken to me. If necessary, call a friend to help you. We want you to be safe at all times.

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Meditations and Reference

The Divine Connections Method

Divine Connections is a Meditation Method in which you focus in on your Chakra System, build a complete sensory experience and anchor it to a place, like a meadow, a seascape, a cityscape. Have a notebook handy to record your thoughts and impressions at the end of the meditation.

Use each of the slides below for your chakras in order to build an understanding of the energy and issues that are associate with it, then listen to the meditation to access the information.

I would love to hear what you experienced! Please feel free to reach out to me via Facebook Messenger or Email me at if you need any help with this!