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An excavation of the soul.

An opportunity to discover all of the beauty and love that already exists inside of you.

About The Program

Embrace your Divine Feminine

and connect with the archetypes

of the Triple Woman:

Daughter, Mother, Crone.

In our excavation, we’ll seek to answer the age-old question “who were you before the world told you who to be?”

Who ARE you??

Beneath the expectations

Beneath the self doubt and self criticism

Beneath the need to excel and behind the fear that you never will

Under the questions and the doubt and the fear

Divine Archeology is an opportunity to dig deep and discover all of the beauty and love that already exists inside of you. These things have been covered up by your “not enoughness”…

when the truth is my love,

You are already enough.

And you are never too much. 

How it works:

Join the course with other Mystic Travelers

Connect with other seekers who are on their own journey of self-discovery. 

When you join the group, you’ll have access to all of Mama Starr’s training courses, plus you’ll be part of a community of support as you embark on this incredible adventure!

Just consider what you can do when you are fully supported!

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Create Your Traveler’s Journal

When you join the Mystic Traveler’s group, you’ll be connected with a dynamic group of “spiritual but not religious” individuals. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and work with an accountability partner. Then, with daily journal questions and exercises directed by Mama Starr, you’ll be ready to begin. 

You’ll create your Traveler’s Journal in which you’ll record your history, your present and you’ll write the story of your future. 

At the end, you will come away with a book all about you. With the Traveler’s journal you’ll have a true blueprint of the woman you are, the woman you are becoming…and the woman you have always been.


What you’ll uncover….

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This is about your Spiritual Journey. It’s about rituals you want to add, gifts you have and gifts you want to have, it’s about your magic…we are all, Mystic Travelers after all.  

Success Stories

The many ways you’ve succeeded before, and what success looks like to you now, what you think success will look like for you in the future. Keys to remember on your journey. 


Your dreams and goals for the future, the life that you wish to create, that you are not currently living, but intend to. Your Potential. 



The elements of entertainment and the arts that attract, entertain, invigorate and generally make you feel good. 



The elements of the ideal relationship  including romantic, family and friends. It’s about how you show up in relationships and what you need. 


Style & Flair

How you feel most comfortable, the fabrics you love, the look you adore. Your personal style, self esteem, self care.



Shadow work and where you are with your healing journey. The gifts and empowerment gained from your past perceived failures and non-successes.


Your energy and what you can do to enhance or improve it. Your life’s purpose.

Hearth & Home

What makes a house a home, how do you carry home with you? What do you need right now to create a sacred space where you feel safe?

Leisurely Pursuits

Hobbies and crafts, how creativity needs to show up in your life

What you’ll receive

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