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An excavation of the soul.

An opportunity to discover all of the beauty and love that already exists inside of you.

About The Program

Embrace your Divine Feminine

and connect with the archetypes

of the Triple Woman:

Daughter, Mother, Crone.

In our excavation, we’ll seek to answer the age-old question “who were you before the world told you who to be?”

Who ARE you??

Beneath the expectations

Beneath the self doubt and self criticism

Beneath the need to excel and behind the fear that you never will

Under the questions and the doubt and the fear

Divine Archeology is an opportunity to dig deep and discover all of the beauty and love that already exists inside of you. These things have been covered up by your “not enoughness”…

when the truth is my love,

You are already enough.

And you are never too much. 

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How it works:

Step 1 – The Reading & Clearing

It starts with a reading, consultation and energy clearing called the DA360.

The DA 360 stands for Divine Archeology 360 degree view. We pull a stone for each of the chapters/categories listed below, where we will gain insight into your Life Path and Purpose.

The Crone Stones will tell us, where you on on your path, and where you feel confident and capable and where you need support or healing.

I’ll give you insight into chapters and exercises you’ll want to work on and we will perform an energetic clearing together to get you unstuck.

Throughout all of this, you’ll receive instruction on how to do clearings for yourself and I’ll answer ALL of your questions.

Then…the next step is up to you!



Step 2 – The Follow Up

After the reading you’ll receive my report covering the information we gathered as well as a video recording of our session, and a video explaining the energetic clearing process in depth.

Next…it’s up to you…

If you are ready and have enough information, you can go on your merry way and create your journal! You’ll have plenty of info to get you started.

Or…if you would like an accountability partner and coach, you can choose whether to meet with me Once, Twice or 4 times a month.

Pricing is listed below followed by the application form.

This program is available by application only. Please fill out the form below and let us know what you want to gain from the reading and program. Also, feel free to use this form for any questions or feedback. Starr will contact you within 1 business day to schedule your reading. 

Step 3 – Create Your Traveler’s Journal

You ARE the hero of your own story

You are the victim, the villain, the saboteur, the paragon, and still you are the hero.

And now is the moment of your redemption

Divine Archeology is about that… We’re setting about digging into your past for those moments. 

You’ll create your Traveler’s Journal in which you’ll record your history, your present, you’ll write the story of your future. 

At the end, you will come away with a book all about you. With the Traveler’s journal you’ll have a true blueprint of the woman you are, the woman you are becoming…and the woman you have always been.


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What you’ll uncover….

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This is about your Spiritual Journey. It’s about rituals you want to add, gifts you have and gifts you want to have, it’s about your magic…we are all, Mystic Travelers after all.  

Success Stories

The many ways you’ve succeeded before, and what success looks like to you now, what you think success will look like for you in the future. Keys to remember on your journey. 


Your dreams and goals for the future, the life that you wish to create, that you are not currently living, but intend to. Your Potential. 



The elements of entertainment and the arts that attract, entertain, invigorate and generally make you feel good. 



The elements of the ideal relationship  including romantic, family and friends. It’s about how you show up in relationships and what you need. 


Style & Flair

How you feel most comfortable, the fabrics you love, the look you adore. Your personal style, self esteem, self care.



Shadow work and where you are with your healing journey. The gifts and empowerment gained from your past perceived failures and non-successes.


Your energy and what you can do to enhance or improve it. Your life’s purpose.

Hearth & Home

What makes a house a home, how do you carry home with you? What do you need right now to create a sacred space where you feel safe?

Leisurely Pursuits

Hobbies and crafts, how creativity needs to show up in your life

Your Guides

 The Crone Stones

Back in 1998, I discovered Crone Stones by artist Carol Lee Campbell. Based upon the three ages of woman, Daughter, Mother, Crone, this divination tool gives you incredible insight into your path and where you are…at the beginning, middle or end of a cycle. Before you embark on your journey, we will ask Spirit to assist by giving us insight into the issues weighing on you as you progress through.

Below is a sample reading. With the insight gained from these 10 stones, we begin to form a picture of what needs to be contained in your journal and what questions should be answered. You’ll discover where you are in balance and where it’s “not so much”.



The Empath

Empathy is about connecting with others…but also connecting to the Spiritual in a very real way. This stone is about creating your very own Spiritual Blueprint…where you’ll decide what symbols and rituals are important to you. 

She Who Inspires

Follow your bliss and doors will open. You’ll decide what bliss means to you and you’ll bring it into your life NOW

The Diplomat

There are always going to be opposing forces in your life. You’ll learn to integrate them or eliminate them.


What baggage do you carry into relationships and where is your strength? In this unit, we’ll let go of co-dependency and embrace your gifts as a friend, lover and partner. 

The Daughter

Remember play? Do you remember independence of your soul? The Daughter reminds you to cherish your youthful enthusiasm and joy.  We’re bringing back the girl you used to be…the one who was bold and unlimited.

The Nest

Does your physical environment nurture you? We’ll discover, with the help of Goddess Hestia, what comfort and “home” truly means for you.

Beauty & the True Self

How do you define beauty? What do you see when you look in the mirror? DO YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR?? Here, we’ll discover your true beauty and you’ll learn to embrace all of you…including your perceived imperfections.  

The Stubborn Rutter

We constantly reinvent ourselves. This time you’ll do it with design and intention. You’ll constantly ask yourself…

What does freedom feel like?

The Connector

The Connector feels the energy from the heavens and the earth. You’ll get clear on how you replenish your energy and what drains you, You’ll discover where your passion lies and how to bring more of it into your consciousness. 

The Dragon

Your wild woman self must come out, can you hear her speaking to you? What are your wildest dreams and fantasies, can you make them come true? Be careful, left untapped the Dragon will gnaw you to the bone. 

Images provided courtesy of Crone Stones.  Further information about this divination oracle can be found here: https://carolleecampbell.squarespace.com/new-products

Apply to join the program

Just need the basics? The Stand alone reading is for you!

If you’re ready to take the deep dive, the cost of the reading is $111 and is considered your down payment for the coaching program. My coaching programs require a minimum 3 month commitment for best results.

You decide how quickly you want to go through the program and how often you want to meet!

If you start out with just the reading and change your mind about the program later, just let me know and we’ll work out a pricing package that’s fair! 

Not quite in your budget??

No problem, love! I’ve got a wonderful GROUP PROGRAM that you can join for as little as $1 a month! Have a look!