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How to tell when you’re suffering from Superwoman Syndrome – Video

Topic this week: How to know when you’re stuck in SuperWoman syndrome (link to replay: https://www.facebook.com/starr.piercy/posts/2856474484368918)

Check out this week’s blog at: http://yonderstarr.com/when-strong-is-your-default-setting…/

Grab a cuppa of your favourite beverage, and pull up a comfy seat, and enjoy some live discussions with Coach Starr Piercy. Starr will share her heart with you as she discusses her trials, successes and learnings that she has experienced as she has travelled along her journey.

Starr will come to you live every Wednesday at 3PM Arizona time (in the winter that is MT, and in the summer that is PT). Mark your calendars and follow along with Starr as she continues to blog and reminisce about her journey while offering guidance and insight to help you with yours!!

See you on Wednesdays!!!

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