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You’ve been looking for a way to be more connected to Spirit, more connected to your intuition, for a way to be on the path of the Divine. 

The Divine Connections Method makes use of your ENTIRE body and energetic system to connect with your Spirit Guides. So often we try to think our way through things, when in reality, our body knows what to do before our brain gets the message.

People often want to know what I teach my clients when it comes to finding the kind of love they want. I’ve put together this list in a graphic as a gift of love to you!

Most people have heard about the SMART Goals formula.

These are a good beginning, it makes sense in the corporate world and is quite practical. When we are working towards our goals, it is important to remember the practical. The problem is, as spiritual beings having a human experience, we can often leave out the practical in our quest for the divine. And so, Mama Starr’s SMART Intentions formula was born.

Manifesting begins with the 12 Laws

The Law of Attraction is one Law of Many. By studying Universal Law, you begin to understand the rules of positive and negative energy. Like Gravity, these laws work for everyone.  Mastering your thoughts is the key to understanding how this whole things works and Universal Law points the way. 

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