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connect to your inner wisdom

Learn to communicate with God, Your Higher Self, Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides so that you can gather wisdom from your Heavenly Helpers.

About The Course

Our Journey takes you through your chakra system and teaches you how to interpret the messages that you are constantly receiving. This is where you learn to trust your intuition and make bold steps forward in faith.


In the Divine Connections Method, we use your chakras as your guideposts. 

Each chakra has an overall principle, natural element, and color. Each of them is connected to a specific area or system in the body. It is in these locations that the energy from a  variety of unacknowledged and unhealed emotional issues are stored. If the emotional issue isn’t addressed, the energy from it manifests as dis-ease.

When you know what types of issues you will encounter in each chakra, you have context for the information that you receive there. Once you have healed the previously unresolved issues, you become a “clear channel” for receiving Spiritual information. 


Since I've began classes in Divine Connections with Starr Piercy I've been so much more aware of myself. Not just spiritually, but in all my interactions and reactions to those around me. I've improved my self-awareness drastically. I am more able to communicate my true feelings and not just lash out or over-react.

Donelle, Phoenix, AZ

I have learnt to trust my abilities, how to use my abilities and how to hone my abilities. It is a wonderful group to come to and learn, grow and expand everything you thought you knew!!! ❤️ We are all connected and this group really makes you realize just how much we are all connected.

Tami G, Canada

This group has changed my life!! Couldn't be more grateful to Mama Starr for showing up and gathering us all!

Linda, Wisconsin

About Starr

Starr Piercy has been studying Spirituality, Universal Law, empowerment and communication for most of her life. As a writer and thought leader she combines the Spiritual with the practical and a pinch of science to help her students and readers end the suffering from a busy and judgmental brain. She helps you reset your thinking for more peace, rest, joy and compassion,