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Connect with Spirit

The Way to connect to your Spirit Guides is through meditation. That said, the Spiritual information you are seeking is carried in your body, not your brain!

Starr’s Divine Connections Method makes  use of your energetic Chakra system. When we explore your consciousness through these energetic gateways, we’ve found that our students have incredible visions and easily connect with their guides.


Crystals & Talismans

Everything has energy. Everything.

Some say that specific crystals have specific energetic & Spiritual properties. The power of your mind is infinite. Whether the power comes from the crystal or the power comes from your belief in the crystal’s power, these items are reminders that miracles exist and to have faith in YOUR ability to heal and grow. 

Meet Starr

I didn’t start out as an intuitive. I started out as a People Pleaser. 

I discovered that the very part of me that lived in fear of people getting angry with me, was also the exact part that knew what they needed or wanted me to do before they even asked. People pleasers get their training that way. Because we never want to feel uncomfortable, we learn early on how to detect the vibes in the room. 

I teach my students to make the most of the inner knowing that they already possess and gain the confidence to go deeper, to learn more, to connect more authentically. 

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Oracle Cards

Unlike Tarot, Oracle cards don’t have a specific format, the numbers in a deck vary and the possibilities are endless. The messages are often general in nature and yet, when drawn in a reading there is often a specific message for the person being read. You can choose to do your own readings but often a deeper meaning is found when you work with an intuitive or psychic.

Ancestors & Spirit Guides

A Spirit Guide can be any physically unseen energetic being. It can be an Angel, Archangel, Ascended Master, an anscestor or deceased loved one, it can also be your higher self, the collective unconscious…it’s your intuition, your Spirit. Because everything is connected (by virtue of Universal Law, The Law of Divine Oneness), it’s you…but it’s not you at the same time.

Card Readings

Done WITH you card readings are conducted with you live via zoom. They last approximately an hour. 

Done FOR you readings are conducted after a short chat via messenger or text with Starr. Afterwards, Starr with record the reading and send a link to the video

Crone Stones

Encouraging intuition and providing insight for self-revelation, Crone Stones is a divination oracle based on the three ages of woman, Maiden, Mother, Crone. 33 porcelain stones, with a drawing corresponding to one of the energy forces of life, are based on message found in goddess mythology worldwide.

Sacred Traveler

These Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards assist you to step behind the mystic veil into hallowed dimensions that will align your inner spiritual existence with your outer life. Each card interprets the signs that are around you and deciphers the secret messages of the universe.

Sacred Geometry

44 Activations that encourage your analytical mind to step aside so you can enter the domain of the subconscious and the soul, and connect to the quantum field the space of infinite potential. These  cards help you to think outside the box and become a powerful conscious creator.

Enchanted Map

Using this card deck  will connect you to that larger Consciousness as you travel along on the journey of your life. The themes of these 54 cards represent some of the places you’ll visit, the conditions you may encounter, and the allies and challengers you’ll meet as you navigate a metaphoric map of your life’s journey. 

Stepping Stone Spread - 3 Cards

Mystic Travelers Spread - 5 Cards

The Portal Spread - 5 Cards

YonderStarr Spread - 5 Cards

Violet Flame Spread - 6 Cards

Almond Spread - 7 Cards

Jessica Crescent Spread - 7 Cards

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Advice for empaths and  intuitives from the Ask Mama Starr series


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