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Alone in my head without Adult Supervision – Video

Topic this week: Alone in my head without Adult Supervision (link to replay: https://www.facebook.com/YonderStarr/videos/392744094707812/) Check out this week’s blog at: Part 1: http://yonderstarr.com/alone-in-my-head-without-adult-supervision-part-1/; Part 2: http://yonderstarr.com/alone-in-my-head-without-adult-supervision-part-2/ Grab a cuppa of your favourite beverage, and pull up a comfy seat, and enjoy some live discussions with Coach Starr Piercy. Starr will share her heart with you as […]

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A Clear Day

A while back, probably 2013 or so, I had A clear day that took me by surprise!  I was shocked because I was so used to fighting with the negative thoughts running through my head. The truth is however, we’re not meant to be that way, it just happens because we get in the habit […]