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Are you frustrated with all this talk about the Law of Attraction? Have, you have been riding the Manifestation wave with limited success?

You’ve bought the books and joined the “high vibe” Facebook groups and found yourself drowning in tons of testimonials about how people have manifested the perfect job or had a check miraculously show up in their email! When someone in the group is brave enough to ask why it’s not working for them, the reply is often “you don’t believe enough” or “you have subconscious blocks”

“Subconscious blocks?” You say to yourself “how the hell am I going to fix that??”

This answer is not only frustrating, it makes it hard to trust yourself!

And yet…Self Trust is the very thing you need in order to manifest!

You have to trust that you will know right actions to take in order to CREATE the miracle that you’re seeking.

Starr Piercy of YonderStarr Coaching has created a program that solves that problem.

As part of her course Manifesting for Mortals, Starr teaches you her “Divine Connections Method”. With this method, you will first learn that the wisdom you need is stored in your body…not your brain! This simple process will show you how to gather information from your chakras (energy centers) about your subconscious blocks and their source.

And even better, Starr teaches you how to connect with your Spirit Guides who are there to assist you in the manifestation process!

And that is just in week 1.

With videos, workbooks and weekly group coaching, this program is chock full of valuable, and actionable material that is designed to teach you to CREATE YOUR OWN MANIFESTATION METHOD.

That’s right…Starr believes that because we are all unique, our solutions are unique too. Rather than giving you a cookie cutter method that has worked for a few people, she teaches you the principles of Universal Law, and provides you with a storehouse of various methods and meditations so that you can choose the combination of techniques that are the RIGHT FIT for you!

The course includes:

  • 12 videos on each Universal Law with real life examples and practical, real life advice
  • 12 accompanying workbooks with journal questions designed to nail down your subconscious blocks
  • 12 weeks of group coaching, instruction and q & a sessions
  • Instruction on the Divine Connections Method for meeting your Spirit Guides and connecting to each Universal Law
  • Membership in a secret VIP Facebook group, with group chat
  • weekly Facebook Lives and encouragement
  • Bonus Resources
  • Bonus Manifestation in Action meditation
  • Bonus Manifestation Tools and much much more!

The best part is that you have access to ALL OF THE MATERIAL all at once! No dripping information to you. Go through the video course and workbooks as fast or as slow as you want and still receive 12 weeks of coaching to solidify the lessons! Can’t make the class? It’s recorded for you to review at your convenience. And Starr is available daily for questions and chat through the Facebook Group!

You owe it to yourself to do this. This is the class that will teach you how to manifest in a way works for you…because the final product is designed BY you!

Follow the link to learn more and get started!

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Demographic Target

Sex: Female

Age: 35-65

Interests: Spirituality, Self-awareness, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Feminine Intuition, The Secret (book), Self-confidence, Personal Growth and Development, Personal development or The Law Of Attraction