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Every single one of these rules are based upon mistakes I made when I was out in the Dating Jungle trying desperately to find my true love!

The great thing was that by using them as a basis for how I moved in the dating world, along with my 5 Mindset shifts (see below), I started having a lot more fun!

The even greater news (for me anyway) is that I DID find my true love and we have been together now for nearly 4 years!

I want to help you move forward faster!

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This workbook is the result of the exasperation I felt at the quality of men I was attracting!

Before I mastered these techniques, I got my heart broken A LOT

If this sounds like you, get a copy of this workbook! 

At the end of each chapter are journal questions designed to get you thinking and creating change!

No more living by default. It’s time for you to become a choice-maker in the whole dating process!

It’s short, it’s to the point and it’s damn near priceless when you consider the heartache it’s going to save you!

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Here’s what we cover in the 5 day exploration of your dating mindset:

Day 1 – Your level of self-esteem determines who shows up

Day 2 – People will tell you the truth about themselves, listen!

Day 3 – Great Sex is not the same as Great Love

Day 4 – How to decide when the time is right to introduce your love to your kids

Day 5 – In the end, it’s really all about you!

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Finding that one special person is not something you fall into!

In order to get there, it takes dedication to

  • attract someone who is the right fit…
  •  know what you want
  •  become the kind of person that you want to attract
  •  be confident enough to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

I know right now, that seems like a tall order!

But it really is do-able.

It’s important to gather support in order to get there…and the good news is, there IS support!