Mama Starr’s 12 Dating Rules

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Are you having a bit of trouble out there in the dating world?

I get it…and I gotta tell you, dating should be fun! 

If you think it’s a chore and drudgery, you’re doing it wrong!

It’s not your fault though! You just need someone to take you by the hand and help you with your mindset! Believe me, you’re gonna feel much much better about it when you know Mama Starr’s 12 Dating Rules!

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Starr Piercy is a coach, spiritual leader, mentor and creator of the Manifesting for Mortals course. She is dedicated to helping women to fall madly in love with themselves so that they can create their dream life. Using her life experiences, natural abilities and formal training, she has the dynamic ability to assist her clients in discovering the keys to healing their hearts and changing their lives. She has a Bachelors Degree in Personal and Public Communication from Northern Arizona University and is a graduate of Coach Training Alliance. She lives in Kingman, Arizona with her partner, Scott and is the adored pack leader to their 2 dogs, Zuri and Dorian, and minion to their cats Luna and Merlin.